Rural Update: Retirement and Delinking Schemes

Rural Update: Retirement and Delinking Schemes

The Government has now started its consultation on the retirement scheme and the de-linking scheme for farmers, both owner occupiers and tenants,  announced in the Agriculture Act 2020. The Tenant Farmers Association reported from their survey earlier in the spring that three quarters of tenant farmers will consider retiring.  Whatever scheme rules put in place for retirement, it is unlikely that the payments will be life changing however the scheme will be a great help to the industry as it will provide families with an excuse to openly discuss the issue of retirement.

For landowners, surplus buildings often result from retirement and there are now great options available for converting farm buildings including for some housing. A JHWalter farm appraisal will help you to better understand your assets and discover some unexpected options.

Attention to Detail - Retirement & Delinking Schemes

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