Residential Property Update

Residential Property Update

The Rural Revolution...! Home to Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, Lincoln Red Beef and Plum Loaf. What’s not to love? It seems that many are now fancying a move to Lincolnshire, a rural hotspot. 

Here we look at the issues affecting property prepared by our residential, valuation and planning teams at JHWalter.

<span style="line-height: 1em;">Lincolnshire a preferred destination</span>

We’ve been flabbergasted by the amount of sellers and buyers, through all price points of the market, looking to find a new home in our fair county since lockdown was lifted...

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<span style="line-height: 1em;">Buying & Selling Off Market</span>

There can be numerous reasons when a vendor likes to keep their privacy under wraps and not shout from the roof tops that they wish to offer their home for sale. This is the time when a quiet off market sale...

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<span style="line-height: 1em;">Realising the value of property in Lincolnshire</span>

Since lockdown restrictions were eased, Valuation and Survey at JHWalter has seen its busiest period ever recorded. Who would have thought it? In these times of huge uncertainty, in all aspects of all our lives, why is the property market booming?...

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Creating a Home Office

Covid-19 has created an environment where we have been forced to review how we live and work. Many office based workers now see themselves working from home and using technology to communicate with colleagues and clients often using their dining tables, sofa’s, conservatories, bedrooms, etc...

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