South Kesteven Local Plan – Call for Sites...It's not too late!

South Kesteven Local Plan – Call for Sites...It's not too late!

South Kesteven District Council’s (SKDC) Local Plan Policy Team are currently undertaking a call for housing and economic sites as part of their review of their recently adopted Local Plan.  The ‘soft deadline’ for submitting a representation was last week, however SKDC suggest that they are continuing to accept submissions.  This means it is not too late if you are thinking about putting your land forward.  

Traditional Barn Conversions

The English countryside changed enormously with the rise of mechanisation over the last century, ever larger farm “sheds” built to accommodate farm machinery and store large tonnages of raw materials and crops. However “traditional” farm buildings of brick or stone...

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Creating a Home Office

Covid-19 has created an environment where we have been forced to review how we live and work. Many office based workers now see themselves working from home and using technology to communicate with colleagues and clients...

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From an Artist's Perspective

There are times when a bit of artistic licence works wonders and precision drawings can actually work against you. In these days of digital imagery and computer aided design (CAD) everything is millimetre perfect and if it’s not, it doesn’t work...

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Converting Modern Agricultural Buildings - Class Q

Readers may not be aware that “modern” farm buildings, with no architectural merit, can in some cases be converted to dwellings under permitted development rights (Class Q)...

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Planning Potential in Central Lincolnshire

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP) has been guiding decisions on planning applications in Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey since it was adopted in April 2017...

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White Paper: Planning for the Future

In August, The Government published the ‘Planning for the future’ Consultation document which proposes reforms to the current planning system. The consultation closed 29th October 2020. As many readers may be aware, the plan is in the process of being...

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